Hello Friday

Looks like another beautiful day outside as I sit at my desk and pull some bits and bobs for a Friday “daily” page. I have been joining a group of ladies who make daily pages and it has been fun to dig into my paper crafting supplies. They meet Monday – Friday and I try to join at least twice a week. I am using a Field Notes book which is 3.5” x 5.5” and each day is a double spread. Sometimes I make another few pages during the week, depending on what stories I want to capture. Today’s pages will tell a Thursday story. I gave our four year old some fabric scraps with WonderUnder. He carefully cut, created, and ironed into place four small panels. Then he stitched them together (love the slow function on my machine) and made his “first ever quilt”. My gramma heart was full to bursting!

artist in residence

Three lovely things

Socks! What a great way to end the #100daysofknittingsocks project. I actually finished the second sock of my fifth pair on Monday afternoon – just as the 100 days was coming to an end. I need to get better pictures of all 5 pair of socks but I am feeling pretty good about this accomplishment. I knit on socks for 98 out of the 100 days and will likely cast on a new pair before the weekend.

Butterflies! I ordered a butterfly kit awhile back. I loved this project when I was teaching preschool and wanted to share it with our little people. Tuesday afternoon was release day and the boys were here to watch and help. I do hope we might see more butterflies this summer. Lots of white little moths or butterflies – not sure. I have been working on adding more plants that attract butterflies and pollinators. When we were releasing the butterflies I also saw some very fuzzy bees on the rhododendron bushes.

Getting outside! Sunshine has made a lovely return this week. Nothing like a dump truck in the grass to keep those littles entertained.

May is shaping up to be full of wonderful moments.


After consulting the weather app midweek, I had low expectations for the weekend but was pleasantly surprised to have some sunshine and nice weather. Saturday brought a walk with my daughters followed by a coffee date and lots of talking. On Sunday we had the boys over to play and I took a short stroller walk. I headed to the trail after they left to get in a few more miles for my walking challenge.

There was also a lot of knitting and reading, thanks to my newfound skill of ebook reading while knitting. I am on the round and round of the foot now and I am beginning to think I might get this last sock finished before the end of the 100 day project.

The week ahead looks like it will be a good time for more walking and gardening and reading on the deck. The challenge is figuring out what to read now that won’t mess up my Summer Bingo card plans!


catching a bit of sunshine and finishing up a sock

Thinking about books – so many books – and all the ideas I have for my Summer Book Bingo card.

Grateful for my first in-person coffee date and especially for the lovely outdoor seating areas next to the coffee shop complete with a gas fire pit which was necessary on that cool morning.

Interested in the history of knitting and the meaning behind different stitches and patterns (after reading a novel with a Gansey and fishing in Ireland theme). I started reading This Golden Fleece this week and welcome any book titles on this topic.

Fun, fun, fun – that has been my sock knitting experience. I cast on my first ever sock on January 31 and have four completed pair and one sock from the next pair. I don’t plan on trying to finish that second sock before the #100DaysofKnittingSocks project is completed next week but I have started the cuff. I am also closing in on a too-long-on-the-needles sweater. It is taking a lot of restraint to keep from starting anything new but I can see the finish line.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend.