my cup

coffee cup spill

There are days when the coffee fills my cup and the day begins with that lovely taste of warmth.
But what about the days when the coffee spills, no matter how carefully I hold the cup or the coffee pot.

Some days feel like those spills, at first an annoyance, a mess to be cleaned.  But there is some beauty in the mark they leave on the counter.  A splash on paper would be seen as art.  Perhaps this is a better way to think of those spills, art, evidence, that life is being lived and sometimes, it is messy.


Goodbye June.
Welcome July – and a new set of writing prompts!


Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

One thought on “my cup

  1. yes! my journal, the one i just finished yesterday, was marked with coffee rings and splashes and thoroughly lived in — can’t wait until the new one begins to look the same 🙂

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