I have not joined in with Ruth’s weekly celebrations for too long.  But I started reading this lovely book and cannot stop recommending it to others.  Imagine if we celebrated listening more and telling less.  Last week no I sat down in the middle of my yarns and needles and tried to listen to my creative heart.  I have a shawl on my needles that has not been an easy ride.  I am determined to finish that shawl but I needed something else – a little interlude.  I pulled out another shawl that I knit last year.  I love the color and the texture of the yarn but I only wore the shawl a few times.  The shape was not right for me.  With little hesitation, I began to pull at the bind-off stitches.  I pulled and pulled.  It was almost an act of meditation, unwinding and rewinding that yarn.  What will it become?  I have a few ideas but I am going to let it simmer.  For now, I am celebrating that joy and energy that I have found in knitting. 


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6 thoughts on “celebrating

  1. I’m with you on celebrating listening. It was my one word last year and I worked hard at deeply listening to others. I remember when I learned to knit. It was such fun for busy hands. My mother created beautiful hats for the family and my grandmother tatted. I look forward to seeing what comes of your new design.

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