Think write Thursday

I have heard that people choose to become teachers because they had a very good or a very bad experience.  Those bad experience memories are, unfortunately, easy to recall and I have a few that come to mind.  But I also had Mrs. Carter.  Mrs. Carter was my first grade teacher and I loved her.  That was the year I began to play teacher at home.  I would line up my dolls and bears and have school.  I spent hours making books and report cards, carefully drawing the lines and checkboxes.

There was a short period during high school when I thought I might want to be a nurse but when the time finally came to choose, teaching won out.  After 38 years in education, I cannot image having made another choice.  I am in administration now but I spend time every day in classrooms.  Now I also get to work with teachers and parents.  It is a different way of teaching bit I still think of myself as a teacher.

Today I am grateful for:

  • A note from a former parent thanking us for proving a good start for her daughter
  • A gathering of teacher friends to celebrate the tiny person that is soon to enter our lives
  • A new pair of shoes
  • Leftover pumpkin chili
  • A three day weekend just ahead
  • Carole and Kat and Think Write Thursday

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6 thoughts on “Think write Thursday

  1. All of the good teachers I’ve known have made it look natural and effortless, but there was a period in my life when I taught as a substitute and gained a new appreciation for just how difficult it could be. Kindergarten through second grade always made me feel like I was (unsuccessfully) herding cats! It’s wonderful that you chose to become a teacher and are still teaching in your administrative capacity.

  2. I wanted to be a teacher long before becoming a student. My career spanned 33 years, four schools, and two countries. My health was the main reason I retired, but a part of me yearns to be back in my classroom. I taught secondary language arts, drama, and journalism.

    It’s good to hear that you are a “visible” administrator; most that I’ve encountered only entered classrooms when they were required to do teacher evaluations.

  3. This post makes my heart sing! I have two daughters who are teachers – and I am pretty sure their first grade teacher was also their inspiration. I am grateful for getting to know you better through this incredible medium that brings the most amazing people to my life in the most profound ways!

  4. I have had some wonderful teachers and some that were so so. I think back fondly to the ones who made me love reading and writing and the encouragement I received. Thank you for your 38 years of dedicated service!!

  5. I had a brief time as a teacher in high school. It is such a different environment than it was when I was a student. Teachers are such a big part of shaping our future and our culture. Thank you for so many years of dedicated service.

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