Fiber friday

I am slowly making my way with this sweater.  I knit a few rounds and then take a break to make sure I don’t end up with sore hands and wrists.  I did finish a little hat for the baby shower this week.  And I started another donation hat because I needed something more portable than my sweater.  

And now, a lovely three day weekend has arrived and there will be time for yarn fiber and book fiber and maybe even a bit of sewing time.  

During my knit breaks I might be spending too much time on the internet. Here are some lovely places to visit:

  • Kat has finish d her Sigla
  • I want to knit this fun hat
  • I have met some lovely people while participating in Gratitude Week and I am looking forward to more listmaking starting next week
  • I am seriously considering this plan – I really need to get my health back on track

Happy Friday.  We have some sun breaks in the forecast today so after a bit of knitting in bed, I will be heading out to get some Vitamin D.  Hope there is some fiber in your weekend.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

4 thoughts on “Fiber friday

  1. that sweater looks gorgeous! (I do admire knitters)

    I’m so glad you’ve met lovely people during Gratitude Week (me too); so glad to have you joining.
    (and Just Five Things…can’t wait!)

    happy knitting and enjoy the vitamin D!

  2. That sweater is so beautiful! I am so in love with your orange color choice! And, yes – Gratitude week has been priceless and I am ready for the next journey with Michelle!

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