Island dreaming

Maybe not the island you are dreaming of, the one with the beach and sand and sunshine and hula girls.  This island captured my heart sometime in the last few years.  I have watched Ravelry discussions and Instagram feeds with beautiful photos of hills and sheep and rainbows.  And guess what?  That dream is less than a year away from becoming a reality.  My daughter and I signed up to go on a Shetland tour with Gudrun Johnston and Mary Jane Mucklestone next summer.  Our tour will be a walking tour so I am on the hunt for some good hiking boots.  I will need to find a jacket, one that is rain repellant.  And I want to finish my Gudrun shawl and my Mary Jane sweater.  I am anxious for more information, to start looking at flights and ferry schedules.  I am trying to pace myself but it isn’t easy.

It is wet and cold outside today.  A great time for knitting and dreaming.  What are you dr among about these days?

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

2 thoughts on “Island dreaming

  1. Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you. That will be fabulous, I’m sure. I love my Timberland boots…but I use them for hiking (mountain)…they would probably be too heavy for what you are going to be doing. My yarn for Sigla arrived, but I am seriously considering putting it on hold. I’ve had several folks ask me to knit them socks for Christmas (so excited they like my socks!!) and I’m not very good with having too many projects on the go. I’m thinking of starting Sigla post-holiday when I can relax and hibernate.

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