A Sunday story – sleep

I am a morning person.  Even as a teenager, I did not sleep in.  I like mornings, like getting to work early, well before most of my co-workers.   But lately, I have been waking much too early, my mind buzzing with plans and ideas and a few worries.  I am hoping it will be a short season of sleeplessness.  For now, I am up early, taking the time to knit a few extra rows, sip a cup of coffee, do a bit of journaling, and trying very hard to ignore all the articles that tell me how much sleep I need.  I think it is a good morning for some bacon.

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6 thoughts on “A Sunday story – sleep

  1. I always arrived at work 30 minutes before my coworkers, as I wanted to be ready for my students the minute they stepped in the door. I liked the quiet of the building – no distractions.

  2. Every morning is a good one for bacon! Here’s hoping you can calm your mind and get a bit more sleep.

  3. I’m with you on being an early bird and yes sometimes it does affect the amount of sleep I get. I have been trying to make a plan of doing the thing where you clear you mind of t.v., books and distractions before sleep. Chamomile is a favorite for those nights. Sometimes it works and other times, not so much.
    Hope your busy mind gives you a break soon.

  4. I, too, have always been an early riser. I love that time…it’s my own! But, waking too early is not fun for sure. Bacon seems like a perfect way to combat that feeling – lol.

  5. I have always been a morning person and always will be. I married a non morning person and it gets interesting if we try to talk in the morning or late at night. Someone is grumpy….(me! me!)

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