This season

I grew up in Arizona.  We pretty much had one season, well, maybe two.  The warm season and the unbearably hot season.  Moving to the Pacific Northwest changed that.  At first I thought winter was the best season, but then I drove on the icy, hilly roads.  Spring is beautiful, lots of flowers and beautiful green trees, but lots of rain.  Summer is a very short season.  

And the there is fall.  So many beautiful colors and leaves.  I even like leaves scattered on the mossy green lawn.  I put away my spring and summer clothes and fill my closet with corduroy and knitted shawls.  The rainy days are followed by blue skies and sun peeking through the trees.  But maybe fall isn’t the best.  We set back the clocks and the days get shorter.  If I don’t get out of the office in time, I will be heading home in the dark.  

This morning, as I am looking for a way to push aside this feeling of gloom, I am thinking that the season I am loving right now is the season that is just around the corner.  It has nothing to do with weather or politics.  It has everything to do with love and hope.  A tiny person is coming into our lives.  There are tiny hats and snugly blankets. A sweater and a quilt made by hands who will love this tiny person.  And expectant parents who are so graciously sharing this season of their lives.  I cannot wait for the day that this tiny person will run and tumble in those fall leaves.  

Thanks to Carole and Kat for Think Write Thursday.

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7 thoughts on “This season

  1. Your sentence “It has everything to do with love and hope” has left me teary-eyed. I’ve resolved to look for something good every time I begin to feel overcome by the darkness and fear of politics, and your post has lifted me up this morning.

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