Paying attention.

On Saturday mornings, I head to the gym for a training session.  I started about a year ago and I have loved my two sessions each week.  I am getting strong and learning much.  In September I ran a half marathon (not my first).   I had a training plan that pushed me just enough and it was a good run (even though it rained the whole time).  But lately, I am just not feeling it.  I think about running all day but when I get to the trail, I end up walking more than running.  I work hard in my workouts but I don’t feel like pushing it outside of the gym. I listened to a few podcasts this week (here and here) and this weekend, I am pausing and trying to pay attention.  I think my body is telling me something.

On thing I know for sure is that I could use some changes in my eating life.  I try to do my meal planning and cook ahead on the weekends.  It really helps to know what we will be eating for dinner and to have a plan for work day lunches.  It also cuts down on the temptation to run out and grab something that might not be so healthy.  

Lately I have been reading a lot about the benefits of bone broth.  We have a local store that carries some pre-made bone broth but I thought I would try making my own.  I found a recipe that has some of my favorite ingredients, lemon, ginger, and chicken.  So I cooked up a pot.  

The other things are sleep and movement.  More of one and gentler of the other.  I am going to spend some time today, listening and paying attention.  And then I will pour a cup of bone broth, pull out my notebook, and see if I can figure things out. 

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5 thoughts on “Paying attention.

  1. I went through a similar “internal revolution” nearly two years ago. Sometimes . . . our bodies just need us to shake things up a bit. You are wise to listen to your body! XO

  2. As I’ve gotten older, my body has become a lot more insistent about voicing its discontent – sadly, it hasn’t learned how to communicate as clearly as I’d like. I do find sleep helps. and moving gently. Sounds like you’re on a good path to figuring out what yours is trying to say!

  3. I have had quite the year physically and I’m trying to get back. My ra is under control now I’m waiting for a tiny back issue to resolve itself. I really should do a major overhaul of my eating!!

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