Yarn and books on Wednesdays

I am just days away from a bit of time off.  There are so many yarn and books things I want to do but I also know that much of this time will be getting ready for a family gathering.  And there is that tiny person, just days away from the official due date.  I have a few books and knitting projects that are waiting to be finished.  But I also have a beautiful skein of yarn that was gifted to me and I am thinking I need to use it for this shawl.  I also had happy mail yesterday.  I recently read about a computer crash that resulted in lost photos.  Then I participated in Gratitude Week.  When the week was winding down, I decided to use a great coupon code and make a gratitude book, a photo book filled with some of the best #tinytinymoments from the year, so far.  I chose matte paper and left plenty of white space so I can write on the pages.  I think this might be volume one.  

Be sure to visit Ginny to see what others are knitting and reading this week.

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6 thoughts on “Yarn and books on Wednesdays

  1. Oh the yarn should look lovely knit up as a Simmer Dim. I love many of her patterns. And huge congratulations on the photo book!

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