Turkey dinner memories

gatherGrowing up, my grandmother always made the stuffing for the turkey.  She had a recipe from her Scottish heritage, not a secret but one that mom didn’t feel inclined to make.  At one point, dad gave me his mother’s recipe but it had odd ingredients and in my own home, my husband has always been in charge of the turkey and stuffing.

A few years ago, I decided to try my hand at making some gluten-free-vegetarian stuffing.  Most of the items I needed were easily obtained.  But we always had sausage in our stuffing so that would be a problem.  I headed off to my local co-op store where I can usually find alternatives to traditional ingredients.  I looked in the vegetarian section but all the “sausage” had wheat near the top of the ingredient list.  We finally found a breakfast sausage in the freezer section that was made with hemp – just the ticket!   And the stuffing was greatly received.  I don’t have a recipe, I just followed what my husband was doing for the regular stuffing using the gluten free/vegan items.

This year, because of some health issues and changes in our lives, we are not going to have a traditional turkey dinner.  I am not really sure what we will eat yet.  I am going to take on the cooking of the dinner and have asked our guests to bring yummy desserts and good wine.  I will have to give you a recap next week.  The important thing with be the time we have together to catch up and enjoy one another.  It seems like a good year for that.

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6 thoughts on “Turkey dinner memories

  1. Time together around the table and traditions (new and old) are really the most important things. And sausage made with hemp – I learn something new every day! Looking forward to reading about what you make.

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