On my watch list

I did not watch The Gilmore Girls when it was on TV.  I have a vague memory of it being on but somehow, I missed that boat.  I believe my daughter’s, or at least one good friend, watched the series.  And recently I have heard more about it from a variety of sources.  In particular, I saw at least one list of books based on the show.   Book list references always peak my interest.  So I went looking for the show and found it at my library.  I am hoping the first season will arrive in time for Christmas break.  This week I picked up Wolf Hall just in time for a few days off from work.

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2 thoughts on “On my watch list

  1. I’m almost done with GM Season One (so many episodes!). and I read and loved Wolf Hall, but had no idea they’d made it into a TV show. Looks like a great cast!

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