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We have hosted Thanksgiving for 27 of the last 29 years.  There was the year with all the health problems and mom graciously offered to take over.  And then the year that the girls were in college and wanted us to drive over the mountains so we could have a family of four celebration (they did an amazing job!).  For the most part, I like having Thanksgiving at our house.  We have had around 20 people most years.  There are some funny photos, each year a different child refusing to get in the group picture.  It is a great excuse to do some deep cleaning and pull out the fancy dinnerware.  And best of all, my husband makes a very good turkey.

But this year, I have struggled to embrace the holiday.  Work has been has been hectic so there was a lot more deep cleaning that needed to be done.  And there is this tiny person that has yet to arrive.  Th expectant mommy is rolling with the wait but I know (from experience) how hard it is.  And, I am really missing mom.  She would have loved being here, seeing her granddaughter’s belly swell.  They had a sweet relationship.  Even in the last years, when the Alzheimer’s was taking away the present, she brightened up when the girls walked into the room.  She may not have “known” them but she sem d to know that these were people she loved.  She was a wonderful gramma.  I wish I could ask her about that.  She seemed to take on the gramma role with ease and grace.

The table is set.  The cleaning is pretty try much done.  We will have a great time, catching up, eating good food, enjoying some lovely wine.  It will be a wonderful day.  Mom would have loved this.

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5 thoughts on “Think Write Thursday

  1. What a beautiful remembrance. I miss my Nana something fierce and now that I am one, I likewise, wish for stolen moments of conversation on how to be the be the nana she was. May your Thanksgiving be filled with love and the joy of that new arrival – and may it happen soon!

  2. You’ve painted a lovely picture of your mom and how difficult these family celebrations are when people are not there. We’ve got a quiet Thanksgiving this year, but I’m remembering my grandmother by using her casserole for stuffing and her pickle dish, and thinking of my kids who can’t be here by making their favorites (and probably skyping later). Wishing you a Thanksgiving full of love and good memories, both new and old.

  3. I love the way you talked about the past and the present … those we miss sitting around the table and those we still have with us. and sending (more) wishes that the little one arrives soon!

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