Fiber Friday

I listened to the Knit British podcast as I was finishing up my cleaning yesterday.  In this latest episode, Louise chats about the value of what we do.  I am fortunate to have a creative family.  We all place a pretty high value on creative endevours from knitting and sewing to music making and song writing.  But I appreciated her thoughts on knitting for others.

I also enjoy listening to the knitting memories that Louise includes in her podcasts.  It reminded me of a shawl I had seen in a recent flurry of decluttering and cleaning.  This white shawl was knit for me by my grandmother for a very special dance when I was 16.  It is not fancy and the yarn is not wool.  That was the era of acrylic everything – a modern miracle!  But I have kept this little shawl for 45 years.  Many times I would set it near the give away pile but in the end, I folded it and put it away.  Now that I am going to be a grandmother.  I thought I would pull it out and use it.  I can see it around my shoulders as I rock or read to our tiny person.  I have such wonderful memories of spending time with my grandmother, sipping tea with milk and sugar from her saucer, and of course, learning to knit.  She loved jigsaw puzzles and card games.  There was a picnic table near the avocado tree in her backyard where we would sit late into the summer evening.  My dad was an only child so my grandparents lavished a lot of love in our little family.

I finished another donation hat last night.  Need to cast on another simple pattern just in case that tiny person decides that today would be a good day for the waiting room. Pick up your needles, read a good book, or get outside.  Make it a beautful (not a black) Friday.

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4 thoughts on “Fiber Friday

  1. I come from crafting stock as well – and it is a rich history that I am so proud of! And, I am with you – it is a Fiber Friday here too, with an avoidance of anything resembling crowds and shopping.

  2. Only a few members of my family truly value craft and creativity, and they are the ones that I take joy in knitting for. I absolutely love your shawl story and am so glad you kept it to carry on the memories. My Friday is filled with the scent of baking (pies I’m taking to another feast tomorrow), and lots and lots of knitting. Hope yours is wonderful and you get to meet your tiny person soon!

  3. what a lovely shawl to have in remembrance of your grandmother. I too remember drinking tea and coffee with cream and sugar out of my grandfather’s saucer!

  4. My family were/are big crafters (sewing, knitting, crocheting – except for my mom – the gene skipped her) – and my grandmothers taught me to knit. I still have a sweater one grandmother knit for me – and one that the other grandmother knit for Katie. Knitting memories are wonderful – not just for the pieces themselves, but the people who created them. That shawl is going to be perfect to introduce the crafting tradition to your next generation!

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