Pause and make room

 This weekend I picked up “The Liturgical Year: The Spiraling Adventure of the Spiritual Life ” by Joan Chittister and found this lovely quote.”Advent makes us look for God in all those places we have, until now, ignored.”

Today is the first Sunday in Advent.  I bought this beautiful Advent devotion last year (this is the 2015 devotion – there is a new one for 2016).  I didn’t get very far in the reading. Yesterday I opened to the first week and saw this lovely image.  Yes please, I would very much like to retreat a little this Advent season and make room for more peace in my heart and my life.

Tomorrow is the release of Project Peace.   Will you be joining?

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5 thoughts on “Pause and make room

  1. I will definitely be joining in for Project Peace. I need to cultivate all the peace I can, both in my own heart and life, and in the world.

  2. Yes, I intend to join Project Peace and want to thank you for drawing my attention to it.

    I have a couple of Advent Devotion books, but this year, the devotions just seem hollow. Obviously, I need to look for God in places I have ignored. Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. The first Sunday of Advent snuck up on me big time this year (it always seems to do that, but this year, doubly so). I am definitely joining in Project Peace…and looking for ways to welcome the season.

  4. I made it to Mass today even though I was extremely busy. I didn’t want to miss the first Sunday of Advent. I haven’t looked at project peace but I did get the pattern….I’m still Christmas knitting.

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