Yarn and books

Time to let November slip away.  It was a fun month with daily postings and lots of new blog friends.

I picked this book up at the library the other day.  I keep thinking of Anne Lamont’s book, Some Assembly Required, where she talks about the importance of keeping her ideas and opionions to herself.  Very good advice.  But I also know that parenting and infant care have changed in the last 31 years so why not occupy myself with this little book.

I finally succeeded in getting my Project Peace cowl cast on (thanks for the cast on idea Kat).  There are a lot of stitches but this yarn is so soft and the pattern repeat will definitely make for some peaceful knitting, perhaps in a waiting room?

Happy Wednesday!  Visit Frontier Dreams and Ginny to see some lovely crafting going on this week.

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7 thoughts on “Yarn and books

  1. The Peace Cowl will be a good knit as you prepare for the arrival of the little one. The anticipation makes the time even more special – blessings to your family.

  2. Oh, I am so glad the cast on worked for you! I will cast on later today and it brings me such joy that I will be knitting with you! And, yes – take it from me, shared ideas are sometimes unwelcome – even if they ask for them! I am reminded often that sometimes the act of talking out something brings a solution to the speaker – while I silently am pleading for divine intervention to still my tongue and open my ears!

    Here is to waiting room knitting!! AND SOON! XO

  3. I have to ask what is the cast-on idea?! I am waiting for yarn to arrive for Project Peace. Not really looking forward to casting on that many stitches and getting them properly connected without a twist or two!!

  4. Love the yarn you’ve selected for the peace-cowl. It looks so soft and lovely — and I adore the color. Happy knitting . . . and patient waiting. XO

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