Slow stitching on a Sunday

I don’t think I have written a slow stitching post since moving to this space.  Yesterday, I found myself visiting quite a few of the lovely slow Sunday stitchers and I realized how much I enjoyed being a part of that tribe.  

We are still weeks away from the new year but I am beginning to think about how to feed my creative spirit in 2017.  I have dabbled with daily projects but my schedule too often gets in the way and what I don’t want is to set myself up.  But I like the idea of gathering and prepping projects that can be easily picked up and put down. And I very much want to savor every stitch.

I have a stack of circle blocks that I would love to make into a top using this as inspiration.  And this knitting project would provide a fun way to sharpen my knitting skills. I have plenty of fabric and threads to do something like this.  I have also enjoyed following Kate’s making adventures.

Today I am planning to gather my projects for #17ufosin2017.  I have some empty bins that will work well for keeping those projects organized.  Be sure to visit Kathy to see what everyone is working on this weekend.

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9 thoughts on “Slow stitching on a Sunday

  1. So many pretty threads to enjoy!
    This is an amazing tribe for sure… glad you’re here!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  2. I’m determined to add “something creative every day” to my goals for 2017. I’m also focusing on small projects that don’t need a lot of sustained effort (something easy to pick up and put down). The spools of thread are wonderful!

  3. All your spools of thread are so pretty! The key, as you mentioned, is to enjoy each stitch. If it becomes a chore, that’s no fun. Your project “possibilities” look nice!

  4. Those spools are so lovely – and inspiring!! I am with Kym – each day will start with some creativity in 2017 – and yes yes yes – slow stitching! Thank you for the constant inspiration I find here!!

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