Seeking some Christmas joy

December has busted into our lives on full volume!  In the first two weeks of the month, I have found myself occupied with too much waiting room knitting, drinking more coffee than normal, and texting like crazy (but what a great thing to be able to text the same news to multiple people).  In the midst of all of this, two things happened that reminded me to lift my eyes and seek that Christmas joy.

First, I came home to find that my husband had put up and decorated the tree and put lights on the house.  I think he knew I was just about ready to cancel Christmas.

Then I read Kym’s post about an amarylis.  For years, my mom would bring an amarylis plant to me on Thanksgiving.  I would pot it up and keep it on the shelf at the top of the stairs.  I loved watching it grow from a brown to green to red.  It became a Christmas tradition.  When Alzheimer’s began to take away mom’s memory, the boxed amarylis stopped showing up.  I think I bought one or two for myself but then I put that holiday tradition away.  When I saw Kym’s post (and then many others on Instagram) I knew that this year, I needed to have another amarylis at the top of the stairs.  I picked one up at the store that evening.  The brown is giving way to some pale green, leaving a little dose of hope that there will be Christmas joy this season.  Just need to find a way to get a few more minutes of tiny person play in my days.

Thanks to Carole and Kat for their weekly inspirations.

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9 thoughts on “Seeking some Christmas joy

  1. aw, I LOVE that your husband put up the tree. This is definitely the Year of the Amaryllis. We’re all in good company! (and I do hope you get those tiny person snuggles … they’ll lift your spirits for sure)

  2. I hope you find some peace and joy in these last days before Christmas . . . and, actually, all through the year. I’m seeing a trend in the Think Write Thursday posts so far. It seems like many of us have a bit of a disconnect this year — when it comes to finding Christmas spirit. Here’s to hoping we can find it in the small, easy things of our daily lives! XOXO

  3. Today’s posts have opened the tear flood gates! This is the year of disconnection – well said Kym! Here is to finding peace and joy in the small moments of our days! Sending you love and the wish for dozens of daily moments with your new addition!! XO

  4. You all are making me want an amaryllis! They’ve never much interested me, as I have a well-deserved reputation as a plant-killer, but we didn’t put up the tree this year, and I think I need a little something green and red and alive in my life.

  5. I’m about to plant my second amaryllis when I get home from work today. I think our growing and blooming plants will bring us plenty of holiday spirit.

  6. I love Amaryllis too. This is the first year in, I don’t know how long, that I haven’t had one. Having a tough time getting into the Christmas spirit this year so a lot of things are going by the wayside. You’re bound to really love your Amaryllis once it blooms and the Red Lion is a real favourite.

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