The finishing list

It is always hard to go back to work after Christmas break.  Having two weeks to play with fabric and yarn is really lovely.  This year it was not quite as relaxed with dad in hospital and lots of driving back and forth but I still managed to find time to play.  One of my tasks was to put together a list for the #17ufosin2017 project.  I worked on my list while we waited for doctors and therapists and test results.  I tried to be realistic.  My list includes a bit of quilting, a bit of knitting, some appliqué and sashiko, a dress, and a Craftsy class.  I chose to start with a small quilt that only needed binding so I can already check one item off my list!

Here is my list of 17 – 

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12 thoughts on “The finishing list

  1. This is really lovely! How did you make your list? I have a hard copy but would like to post mine like yours? I like the notepaper look!

  2. This is a fun quilt and congrats on already marking one thing off the list…I’m afraid my list (unmade) would take me to 2018 to complete…to be continued…


  3. I love your Gwennie Medallion. I was part of the design team and chose the log cabin round. I love your interpretation of all the themes. Great quilt. Hugs

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