Yarn along

I have been listening to this audio book the last week and I would highly recommend it as a stress buster book!  Part memoir, part cookbook – something very soothing about listening to this author.  The audio comes with a PDF for the recipes too.  I also started this book.  It is divided ny months and I think I will take it one month at a time.  

I seem to have too many complicated projects on my needles right now.  I am ready to start the cables on the Rob Roy hat.  Thanks to Kat and Mary, I know to take the first round slowly and with attention to the instructions so I won’t need to un-knit.  After 2 evenings, I am a little over halfway with the picot cast on for my Anisos shawl.  Then some another chart.  I don’t think this will be a quick knit but I am happy to just treasure these projects and the new online friends I am making as we knit along together. 

Linking up with Ginny this week. 

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6 thoughts on “Yarn along

  1. I loved both books! After reading Ruth’s Kitchen Year on loan from the library – I quickly bought a copy for myself. I love her thoughts, her creativity, and her recipes! We have enjoyed a good number of them as we make our way through the seasons! I am so glad we are knitting together! I love your yarn choice!!

  2. I actually finished the knitting on my Rob Roy hat last night. (We had a New Year’s Day movie watching frenzy and I got a lot done.) The cables are a bit more tricky than they appear — and the chart is a bit. . . weird. But it’s a nifty-looking hat, that’s for sure. I’m debating the pom-pom today. Do or do not? And, if do, what color. . .

  3. I am reading My Kitchen Year on my Kindle and have already decided I need a hard copy of the book – I am loving it. I also have The Year of Living Danishly and can’t wait to start that! Love the color you are using for your hat.

  4. I have The Year of Living Danishly marked to read this year! I love your knitting projects and sometimes think I should learn to knit, but I really don’t need another hobby!

  5. When Kat first mentioned the Ruth Reichl book on her blog, I bought a copy. So far, I’ve just paged through to look at the pictures, but I’d love to read it cover to cover (and try some of the recipes) … and I’ll bet listening to her narrate is wonderful!

  6. I’m curious to know what you thought of Living Danishly. They may be the most “happy” people, but they are also (as a nation) the least spiritual and statistics show they are very heavy alcohol drinkers. Almost an oxymoron.
    As you know we have heavy ties to Denmark where our son spent a year and we grew to love his host family like our own.

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