Hello January

You really came in with a blast of cold that has me hunting for wool socks and mittens.  Those little piles of snow will not be going away too soon.  I am thankful for warm soup for lunch and an extra blanket at night.  

I’m not making a long list of resolutions January.  I have plenty of projects and plans that still need attention.  Mostly I want to greet each day with a heart that is watching for treasures and blessings.  It’s time to really live on the half full side of the table, to look for good, to celebrate, to listen, and to pause.  I think we are going to have a good month January!

Be still. God isn’t going to try to shout over all of the noise in our lives.  Bob Goff

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Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

11 thoughts on “Hello January

  1. Looks like we’re going to have snow tomorrow – hope that doesn’t kill the daffodils! Here’s to greeting each day with an open heart and stillness.

  2. Hello Julieann, and it’s a pleasure to find you – I see we share an interest in recording memories and journalling! And your quilt is just beautiful – very vibrant, and such a contrast to the grey and cold of January. I like your phrase about choosing the half-full side of the table – that really resonates with me.

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