Monday in the Kitchen

I spent my wekend on the couch, taking naps, drinking tea and bone broth, and wishing I could be in the kitchen, planning my meals for the upcoming week.  

The last month has been a wild ride with little time to slow down and focus on health and wellness.  I am taking the weekend diversion as a red flag- time to get my kitchen I order.

I have been on a kitchen wellness path for quite some time.  When I stray, I can usually get back on track.  I pull out my cookbooks and set up a weekly meal plan.  This week will be a lot of soup and broth and warm, green salads.  But I am looking ahead to next weekend when I can do some serious grocery shopping and fridge restocking.  

If you want to join me, come back next Monday and share a recipe or kitchen story.  P.S. I do a lot of meal prep and planning on the weekend so I don’t really have to be in the kitchen on Mondays.  That is just when I plan to post!

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7 thoughts on “Monday in the Kitchen

  1. I have been trying out some new recipes and trying to use what I have on hand! I made a great lentil salad that would give you enough for a week of lunches! You can find it on Best Potluck Lentil Salad. I’m going to try some lentil soup this week.

  2. I plan out my weekly menu on the weekend, too, spending time each Sunday reading recipe books. I did Cooking Light’s “3-day detox” right after the holidays — and feel so much better! Ready to eat well for the new year. I’ll look forward to your posts!

  3. I would love to be as organised as you are, rather than think “Oh golly, what are we going to have tonight …”. We eat healthily – but I am always glad to expand my repertoire, and warm green salads sound delicious. Do tell us more :).

  4. looking forward to your posts… and hoping you (and others) will inspire me to be better prepared in the kitchen. I’m afraid “retirement” has made me lazy about planning. and cooking.

  5. I need to read I Quit Sugar! Badly! We spent much of last year retooling our eating habits and it has made an impact in our lives, however – the holidays showed us how easy it is to “fall off the wagon” and more importantly, how difficult it is to get back on. I look forward to you posts and a year of healthy eating! XO

  6. Take a look at and see what you think. I have been using it now for 7 or 8 months and it really helps with organizing, preparing and cooking. I have to use the autoimmune menu mostly and have enjoyed the results alot. Good luck!

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