Friday fiber bits

This has been a week that lacked in serious fibery goodness but tonight I am going to a wonderful yarn shop to learn about the Cordova Gansy Project.  

I also signed up for Bonnie’s Patron page.  I learned about her stitch journal from Kat.  A daily stitching project is not on my list for 2017 but I do love embroidery and would love to do something monthly perhaps.  I guess I have a few more weeks to make some plans.

I had hoped to get a quilt pin basted this week, and that might still happen this weekend.  There was the sinus infection, more trips to the doctor with dad, and finally moving him back to rehab for another round of therapy.  We have some encouraging news from the doctors yesterday so I am hanging on to optimism and finding much to treasure every day.

Happy Friday!

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7 thoughts on “Friday fiber bits

  1. I would love to go to that Gansey talk with you! I can’t wait to hear about it! And, I watched Bonnie all year long last year and it was only this year that I felt ready to tackle this new craft! I hope you are feeling much better and very soon! XO

  2. Ah yes, they’re popular here, where they’re called ‘Guernseys’ from the island of Guernsey. Often navy blue. The pattern looks very complex! I hope you enjoy it and perhaps start one of your own? Hoping things continue to improve for your Dad…

  3. Hope you’re back to 100%! I’m intrigued by the ganseys and look forward to hearing more (there’s a Brooklyn Tweed gansey scarf that’s been in my favorites for years but a sweater … whoa!) and like you, I’m in love with the daily stitching that Kat and Bonnie are sharing. What a fantastic journal!

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