Yarn and books


I am not sure when I first began to wear orange.  I think it started about 12 years ago with an orange cardigan, not a hand knit, just a simple, plain sweater to add some color to my mostly black wardrobe.

These days, I wear a different orange sweater or my orange (hand knit) shawl, or my orange jacket.  (Sadly my orange shoes are too worn out to wear and I have not found a replacement pair.)  This month, I have more orange yarn on my needles.  I have begun (again, first time I picked the wrong size) the Annabel cardigan.  The simple garter stitch has been a good choice for my cluttered brain this last week.  The needles are 10 1/2 and the yarn is chunky so it is going quickly.  I am just an inch away from separating for the sleeves.  

I finished The Nest and Hillbilly Elegy last week, enjoyed them both.  Yesterday a new book arrived in the mail.  I am just a few chapters in but I think I will enjoy this one too.

We have left the chilly temperatures behind for now, back to our “normal” wet and rainy conditions.  A great reason to stay inside with a good book and some lovely yarn.

Be sure to visit Ginny’s yarnalong post today. 

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7 thoughts on “Yarn and books

  1. I’m a BIG fan of orange and I used to have a pair of orange shoes, too! My new Peace Cowl is a pretty shade of orange, I think it will be a great pop of color with my brown coat.

  2. Orange doesn’t agree with my complexion, so I’ll leave the skeins in the yarn shops for you. Love your sweater start. Top down sweaters are fun knits.

  3. I don’t know many people who wear orange, but I LOVE the color and hope you’ll share some FO photos. and what a great book mail day – that one is on my TBR, too.

  4. I love the cold orange-good luck on your Annabel. I have made one and ended up giving it away, too big post blocking. It’s all that garter stitching!!!!!!!!!

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