Monday in the kitchen

I am using the AIP menu plan for the next two weeks (you can get it here).  Life has still not slowed down so I decided to grab this meal plan with the recipes and shopping lists and give it a go.  I do have autoimmune disease but I don’t think I need the full program.  Except for the holiday stumbles, I do eat well.  We don’t buy prepackaged or fast foods.  I enjoy cooking, kind of a stress buster for me.

On Sunday I did four loads of laundry, cleaned out the fridge, printed the meal plan and recipes, and bought the items on the list that I didn’t already have.  Sunday evening was spent doing the prep to get the week launched.  And, I noticed that the days are getting longer which will make going for a run after work an option again.

Happy Monday.  Hope there is nutritious food in your fridge!

Published by Juliann

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6 thoughts on “Monday in the kitchen

  1. Planning my meals is part of my regular Sunday morning routine. My week gets all messed up if I don’t do it (because sometimes life gets in the way of good planning). Your plan looks great — and easy to follow, too.

  2. That plan looks great! lots of variety and I like that they show leftovers for lunch the next day. We eat mostly salads with lean protein, which thankfully requires about zero forethought, but I love a new recipe every now and then.

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