Yarn and books

There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing. Robert Burns
Today is the birth date of Robert Burns, Scottish poet.  There is a tradition of celebrating with a dinner which I am determined to host some year.  Not today.  But since my yarn escapdes have been less than stellar this week, I thought I would mention it.  And I believe I might put a visit here on my list of things to do in Scotland this summer.

On my needles but destined to come off the needles this weekend is my Anisos shawl.  After getting the picot cast on finished, I cautiously started the first chart.  On row 3 I made an error that I don’t have the skills to repair.  So I will unknit and start over. I am determined to stick with this project.  I believe it will teach me much.  Take a look here to see how lovely this shawl will be.

I have been listening to Alters in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor and I am going to get a paper copy of this book.  The chapter on pain came on right after my conversation with dad’s doctor about pain management and elderly folks.  Very good stuff.

We are on the down side of the work week!  Hope you have wonderful yarn and books in your days.  Visit Ginny, or Kat, or Mary, or Karen to get inspired.

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8 thoughts on “Yarn and books

  1. my anisos was completed and then frogged. The finished size was not the size I wanted (too small) I’m still recovering from my sadness so I’m knitting other things 🙂 I prefer top down shawls I guess. Sorry about your anisos!!

  2. I have attended two Robert Burns dinners — one in Scotland (although not on the actual day) and one here in Kalamazoo (actual day). They are marvelous and fun! (And haggis is tasty.) I didn’t have the chance to visit the museum while I was in Scotland, but it is on my list for a return trip. And that shawl will be so lovely — well-worth the re-do.

  3. Robert Burns is a high light in Scotland – I am envious and would love to go again! That shawl is incredibly lovely – and I think that while a re-do is not fun, it will be so worthwhile in the long run. I wish I was adept at fixing issues like – there have been many a project that I have made mistakes that required a start over! (and again, thank you so much for the shout out!) XO

  4. I’m so glad you’re enjoying Altars in the World. and sending good vibes about the shawl – that chart is not for the faint of heart for sure!

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