Monday in the Kitchen – breakfast

First a confession – my meal plan did not go well last week, sigh.  Too many bumps in the road and before I knew it, there was pizza for dinner.  Oh well, another week, another start.

What I do seem to do well is breakfast.  I make a green protein drink most days but a few mornings each week, I have enough time for a sit down breakfast.  My go to option?  Coffee of course.  But also poached eggs on a bed of broccoli and a serving of Lil’ Kim Chee from the Pickled Planet.  Love that ferment d boost! 

Happy Monday!  Eat well.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

6 thoughts on “Monday in the Kitchen – breakfast

  1. My husband has poached eggs for breakfast nearly every day. I’m a little bit iffy with eggs, so most of the time in the winter, I have oatmeal.

    I do like kimchee though!

  2. I share your love of coffee…but not so much for breakfast. Most days fruit and a handful of almonds is about it. Here’s to a week of better eating for both of us!

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