Revisiting – yarn and books

This week went a bit sideways.  First a snow storm that knocked out our power for a day and kept us home for two days.  On the first day, I had a scratchy threat that has now blossomed into a full blown head cold – sigh.  

I was able to catch the afternoon light and get my Anisos shawl cast on again.  You may remember that this is the shawl with 447 stitches but it is a picot edge so you are really knitting double that to get through the cast on.  I finished it up and did the first two rows yesterday.  I have now set it aside to let my head clear up before tackling the first lace chart.  I made a major goof on the first try so I will use more stitch markers and go slowly this time around.  I do not want to do that cast on again.

I am also revisiting this book.  I am going to lead a book study at church using this book as our guide.  I read it a number of years ago and the content is very accessible and should lead to some good discussions.  Most of the participants are also yarn folk so it will be extra fun that first session when we talk about sheep.

Happy Wednesday.  Back to work today and watching the snow melt away.  Be sure to visit Ginny and friends today.

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7 thoughts on “Revisiting – yarn and books

  1. That’s a very tranquil photo – and I can see the snow outside. Mmm, not envying you all those stitches but full of admiration! I don’t know this book but smiled at the sub-title – I like the sound of it :).

  2. Hope you’re feeling better! (and strongly suggest a lifeline before you tackle that lace chart – will save your cast on in case you have to rip out any lace)

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