Fiber Friday – knitting as meditation

I used to go to a sitting meditation class on Saturday mornings.  Week after week I would practice stillness, breathing, calm.   After about 15 minutes, the calm was interrupted with that weird buzzing that you get when your feet fall asleep.  I learned a lot of techniques for propping my ankles and using a blanket to wrap around my feet.  Slowly, the number of minutes extended.  As much as I enjoyed the idea of meditation, I came to realize that there were other yoga classes that I preferred.

When I returned to knitting, I tried to knit socks and then sweaters.  I have set aside the idea of knitting socks.  I still want to finish a sweater.  But hat knitting is my happy place.  I always have a hat on the needles.  A few years ago I tried to knit 52 hats in a year and came pretty close with 48.  Last month I started the year by knitting a pink hat for my sister to wear in the March in D.C. and I mailed a nice, fat envelope with 7 hats to Knitting4peace.  Last night I cast on this sweet little dots hat from Tin Can Knits for our tiny person – who is not quite so tiny anymore.  As I worked on that hat, I could feel the stress melt away.  Yup, this is the kind of meditation calm I need right now.  

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9 thoughts on “Fiber Friday – knitting as meditation

  1. Knitting or walking is much more my idea of meditation too. Love that you did those hats for knitting4peace!

  2. Yay for knitting! and for tiny people growing out of newborn hats ๐Ÿ™‚ Tincan Knits has such great patterns for little ones; and I love that they come in so many sizes!

  3. Love your new site. I, too, made a hat for my daughter to wear to our march here in Sacramento. I absolutely adore your knitting bag. Where did you get it or did you make it and what are the fabrics. Thank you for your blog and response

  4. Knitting is absolutely meditation! And, your hat challenge is such a great idea. And, I will be sharing it with my church knitting group – it gives an alternative to prayer shawls and is an infinitely more portable project!

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