Fiber Friday – the sweater

I have had this sweater for more than 15 years.  At some point, it got a bit felted and I contemplated putting in in the donation bag.  But it always survived the cut and ended up back in my closet.  By now, it is very pilled and there are always little pieces of yarn or thread stuck to the sleeves that are hard to pick off.  I don’t wear it out but it is my favorite indoors, comfy-cozy sweater.  When I came back to knitting, I thought I would try to make another sweater just like this.  After a few attempts with different yarns and patterns, I set that idea aside.  But I do want a new go-to sweater.  Not a stay at home sweater, a wearing-out-of-the-house sweater.  One that will look good with jeans or a dress.  I have the Annabel cardigan on my needles.  I love the big, squishy feel of the bulky yarn and garter stitch.  It is not going quickly, not a “bang out a sweater” project.  It is possible it won’t be finished in time for the cold winter or early spring season.  Too much going on that takes me away from my knitting spot.  So, for now, I throw on this well worn sweater and enjoy the coziness of the felted wool.

Happy Friday!

Published by Juliann

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6 thoughts on “Fiber Friday – the sweater

  1. Knitting the perfect sweater is hard … fit, styling, fiber, color …so many decisions – but it sure is fun to try! good luck with Annabel!

  2. I have a super-pilled, totally ratty sweater I knit a few years ago. It never goes out of the house anymore . . . but it gets plenty of in-house hygge-wear!

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