Yarnalong – revisiting

I don’t often reread books but this author is an exception.  I have read and reread each of his books.  And then I sometimes listen to the audio version.  I first read Being Mortal in 2014 and began recommending it to everyone.  Recently, our family has been faced with helping dad make some next step decisions.  I kept thinking back to this book, finding guidance in Gwande’s research and stories.  Over the weekend, I downloaded the audio book and have been soaking up his wisdom.

My knitting is also a re-do.  I knit this little hat for our tiny person but it was a bit short and I knew it would not last long.  So last night I pulled out the top section and added a few more inches.  The yarn is very soft and the colors actually match his quilt – not planned.  It is a simple knit3 pearl1 pattern and was a quick fix.  I have been working on my Annabel and have made good progress on the body.  Just the kind of back and forth knitting my brain needs right now.

Happy Wednesday.  I am looking forward to our first book group meeting tonight.  We will be reading and discussions Scouting the Divine over the next few weeks.  Another book I have now read twice.  Hmmm?

Sharing with Ginny and Frontier Dreams today.

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5 thoughts on “Yarnalong – revisiting

  1. I agree – Being Mortal is a book everyone must read (at least once 😉 Gawande spoke at Sara’s company a year or two ago; she had only praise for him (but I don’t think she’s read the book…yet). That had is adorable – kudos to you for adding those extra inches now so he can wear it longer.

  2. Sometimes, the things gained in reading a book more than once are stunning. (I am thinking mostly of the Bible – and how what I get changes over time) However, there are a good number of books that I have read more than once and savored every moment each time they are read!

  3. Being Mortal is just so very good. It is one of those books that really . . . shifted my thinking on so many things. I read it before my mom was even sick — which was a good thing, because Gawande’s wisdom helped me deal with every aspect of the situation. (And it helped me help the rest of my family, too.) I recommend this book to everyone all the time. So good.

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