Mondays in the kitchen – can’t do without

There are two things in my kitchen that I can’t do without.

My crockpot is used at least twice a week.  Some of the recurring items include bone broth, carrot-ginger soup, chili, green chili pork roast, shredded chicken, and beef stew.  This is my second crock pot.  The first was a wedding gift almost 35 years ago but it didn’t have the lift out crock.  I do love the lift out feature but the four cook levels and warming feature make this one my go to for cook ahead.  I can set it and not have to worry about over cooking or having it turn off before I get home.

My Ninja blender gets used daily.  Every morning I blend up a green drink or protien shake.  Some days I might even make both!  I used an immersion blender stick for years and had no idea that greens could be blended like this.  Those gr n drinks were good but sometimes a bit chewy. 

What are your kitchen can’t do withouts? 

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8 thoughts on “Mondays in the kitchen – can’t do without

  1. We broke down and jumped on the Instant Pot band wagon – and although I love it, I do not use it regularly. My regularly used kitchen items are my Bialetti Moka pot which is used daily and my Dutch Oven.

  2. I, too, use my crock pot regularly . . . at least during the winter months. I use it to make stews, soups, and chili. Other than that, my 12-inch All-Clad skillet is my faithful kitchen friend.

  3. Coffe maker (I use it to brew tea) and the microwave (minimal cleanup when reheating leftovers) are my two favorite kitchen appliances.

  4. I recently bought an instant pot and am loving it. It can also be used as a slow cooker, so will be passing along my trusty crockpot. I’m a big fan of my made in USA lodge dutch oven too!

  5. The microwave! I have been using it to cook most food since 1985! Next: the oven – electric, please. In the market for a new crock pot…mine doesn’t heat very well; what brand is yours?

  6. I am with you- my crock pot is one thing i could not live without. perfect way to create your own recipes by throwing whatever you like in there.

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