Hello Wednesday

I woke up to a light dusting of snow on the grass but it is raining now.  Yesterday I had to remind myself too many times that is was Tuesday, it seems to be that kind of week.

I am finishing up The Boys in the Boat.  I started this book almost two years ago but set it aside – not sure why.  I am almost finished and it is a good story.  I am inching my way to the lower edge of my Annabel.  When I get to the end of this ball of yarn, I am going to move to the sleeves.  I want longer sleeves and may need to do a few rows of grey at the wrist and the bottom edge of the body which would be fine.  I just don’t want those cropped sleeves.

I picked up my stitching after reading my Lenten devotion this morning.  I slipped a small piece of paper with a verse from today’s reading behind the fabric and stitched it down.  It is my way of writing God’s word on my heart.

Visit Ginny and Frontier Dreams to see what everyone is reading and stitching this week.

Published by Juliann

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7 thoughts on “Hello Wednesday

  1. My book group read Boys in the Boat last year — and I was intrigued! I can’t believe I’d never heard that incredible story before.

  2. I found the medal races in Boys in the Boat surprisingly suspenseful. Like I had to keep reminding myself the book’s subtitle gave away who won the gold medal đŸ™‚ and your stitching … whoa and wow and thank you!

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