Mondays in the kitchen – ditching dairy

This is the week I have chosen to cut dairy from my diet.  Not forever.  Maybe a few weeks.  I am curious to see if I will notice a difference.  I don’t eat a lot of dairy but I do love cheese and lately, I am finding myself grabbing a slice here, a nibble there.  It adds up!  Last night we were going to order pizza but our usual place (where I can get a good gluten free pizza with lots of veggies) was so busy and we needed a quick meal.  I popped into the store and found a dairy free, gluten free option.  It tasted much better than it looked (and it didn’t really look like the picture on the package).  I don’t plan to use a lot of cheese substitutes in the next few weeks.  Instead I am searching my favorite recipes sites for some new dairy free ideas.  So far I have this, and this, and this.  And I will probably be ordering a coconut latte.  Let m know if you have a great dairy free recipe site too.

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4 thoughts on “Mondays in the kitchen – ditching dairy

  1. i’m lactose intolerant and I can eat hard cheeses but I feel crummy at some point. It may only be sluggishness but it adds up. I go with out then I eat some. I think just being aware is half the battle. Can’t wait to see how you feel after your week or so!

  2. I’m so curious if you;’ll notice a difference in how you feel. I have a latte made with milk once or twice a week and that’s the only time I eat/drink dairy.

  3. I’m moderate on dairy (nonfat milk in my coffee, nonfat greek yogurt and the occasional slice of cheese) all because I have a history of high cholesterol. Look forward to your report – I could be convinced to be more diligent if I thought it would really make a difference (but I’m not sure I can ever give up the milk in my coffee!)

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