Mondays in the kitchen – veggie time


I was listening to a podcast this weekend and heard the host say that the average American eats 1.5 servings of veggies a day! I am not sure there is agreement on the number but when I participated in a health challenge a few years ago, we were aiming for 7-9 fruits and veggies a day with the emphasis on veggies.  Lately I have been starting the day with a plate of steamed veggies topped with a poached egg, taking a green drink for my mid-morning snack, and making sure that a good portion of my dinner plate is filled with veggies.  I have learned how to eat “riced” cauliflower instead of rice and use my spiralizer to substitute squash for pasta.  It takes a bit of thinking but I am trying to make it a habit, veggies at  very meal.

How many veggies are you eating?

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8 thoughts on “Mondays in the kitchen – veggie time

  1. I eat quite a lot of veggies (and fruits). I never know exactly how to “count” a serving — but I tuck veggies into almost every meal I make/eat. Yum!

  2. We eat a ton of veggies. I have been putting veggies into unusual dishes since my kids were smaller – finely diced veggies in taco meat, meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, rice dishes. Some days I honestly think I could be a vegetarian – bit then I crave a good burger!

  3. That’s a great total of veggies in a day. I’m a fan too – my favourite is an orange whizzed with a little orange juice, a scoop of whey protein and a cupful of steamed kale. Sounds weird but it makes a lovely mousse-y whip!

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