Fiber Friday

It was a long week and I’m not exactly sure why but I know that it felt long to a lot of people.  But we did see a bit more sunshine this week and even had a few days that didn’t require me to put up my hood every time I stepped out of my office.  That was lovely.

And there was fiber in my week.  I started the sleeves on my Annabel cardigan.  I am almost to the elbow on sleeve #1.  I started with magic loop but after two inches my arms were getting tired so I am knitting the rest of the sleeve flat and will seam it up.  I will follow that same method on the second sleeve to have consistency.  The garter stitch is quite forgiving and bouncy.

I made two pair of pants for our tiny person.  That was very fun and super simple.  His lovely mom put them on him yesterday so I got to see them when I picked him up for a few hours.

Tomorrow I am going to meet with some quilters.  I met these ladies when I joined the Sue Spargo block of the month  last year but have not made it to many of their gatherings.  I am taking some of the red strips I cut last weekend to sew some blocks for the 70273 project.

Hope your week was good.  Happy spring and enjoy your weekend.

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8 thoughts on “Fiber Friday

  1. I think you made a wise decision to knit garter stitch sleeves flat and seam them! garter stitch works way better flat than in the round (imho đŸ˜‰ Enjoy your quilt gathering … and hope you get more tiny person time. Wish I sewed. Sam’s pants were falling off him yesterday (he’s long, but not as fat as those chubby cheeks might make you think – so the 6-12 month size covers his legs but leaves a few inches of room at the waist) and I know handmade pants would fit him better.

  2. I just love plain, old garter stitch! And like Mary says, good decision to knit the garter stitch flat. It’s easier — and a lot more fun to do. The pants are wonderful! I’ll bet it’s fun to sew for a tiny person. Have fun at your quilting gathering! XO

  3. How fun to meet up with fellow quilter and SSpargo lovers! Have a wonderful time. I’m so happy it is Friday!! Although I woke up with a cold.

  4. I loved making clothes for my son when he was a little one. Quick, easy and very satisfying! Love the color of yarn you are using for your sweater.

  5. I made a Sue Spargo BOM several years ago – CrimsonTweed—it hangs in my LR year round! Even if it is sort of holiday-ish. Little person time is always special.

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