Unraveled Wednesday.

I wasn’t sure about posting today.  I have written about yarn and books on so many Wednesdays and was sorry to see Ginny’s weekly yarn along come to an end.  But then I read Kat’s post and I decided to share with you a book and an author talk.

The book is The Wonder and I have seriously fallen into this story.  I read the first 60 pages in one sitting and I am a slow reader. I cannot wait to get back to this book.

Last night, I went to hear Bryan Stevenson speak.  I read his book, Just Mercy when it first came out and I heard him speak at The Justice Conference a few years ago but it was a video cast.  I have been looking forward to his talk for months and he did not dissappoint.  It still amazes me to see this huge concert hall filled with people who love books and I was not surprised when this event sold out.

I have pulled out my lovely threads and promised myself to get back to my Cuppa blocks over spring break. For today, I am excited to be linking up with Kat today.

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6 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday.

  1. I have been wondering about Wonder and you’ve certainly made it sound intriguing and worth a try. Your threads are quite beautiful and I hope you share some of what you do with them on Unraveled Wednesday.

  2. Your threads…I love them! And, that fascinating little wooden spool holder! I have not heard of Wonder, but I am adding it to my list to read! Thank you! (And, I am glad you are joining me!!)

  3. Your threads are so pretty and shiny! I’ve read Frog Music by Emma Donoghue and enjoyed it – The Wonder looks very good. Thanks for recommending.

  4. Adding that book to my TBR … and wishing you a happy and productive spring break! It’s spring break around here next week and I always look forward to the break from school buses 🙂

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