Unraveled Wednesday

There has been a fair amount of unraveling around here.  Some of it even involves yarn.  On Monday I began a new project with some lovely yarn.  I was making progress, a very soothing and easy to memorize pattern.  I need to do 15″ for the first section and about 2″ along, I noticed a mistake.   I could not figure out what happened, tried frogging back, but then gave in and unraveled.  I am back on track, in fact my edge stitch looks even better so it was a good thing.  

I got the audio version on Anne Lamont’s new book.  I have been to hear her speak numerous times but I can’t get to this book talk.  I enjoy hearing her read her books.  I also got a new book for our tiny person.  The preschool teachers at my school really like this Easter book.  

It is a short week and spring break begins on Friday.  I am in need of a break and some time to tidy up a few things that have been unraveling around here.  Be sure to visit Kat today for more Unraveled Wednesdays.

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6 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. so glad you got your project back on track … that yarn is beautiful! My copy of Hallelujah Anyway arrived yesterday; it’s our next Small Group read and I’ve learned that I always want a “real” book for those reads. Really looking forward to it.

  2. Literal unraveling may not be fun, but better a few inches than a few yards. That yarn is really lovely; bamboo and alpaca are such an interesting blend!

  3. anne lamott is a walking saint, I love whatever she has to say. You are lucky to have seen her and hear her in person. I live so far away from any real city. Maybe one day though 🙂

  4. Unravelling . . . never fun. But usually worth the doing. (In knitting and in life.) I’m eager to read Anne Lamott’s newest book. She is such a voice of sanity and peace . . . always. But especially now. XO

  5. I love every word of this post! Especially the unraveling! We don’t often share the points we have to go back and make corrections (in all things, not just knitting) but doing that shares something beautiful in our lives! Thank you so much for joining me!

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