Classic books

The Think Write Thursday topic for April 6, 2017 is to tell us about a book you wish you could read again for the first time. Happy writing. Carole and Kat

When I read this prompt, two book titles popped into my head.  When our girls were in elementary school, they participated in a book group during recess.  I was one of the leaders.  I would read the books and then meet with the other leaders to come up with discussion questions. (A side note:  the kids ate lunch during these discussion sessions and it was looking at the cafeteria tray food that made me rethink the idea that the girls should eat a school lunch once a week – yuck!)

I have re-read The Bridge to Terabithia a few times over the years and I still love this story.  What I remember about Afternoon of the Elves is that almost every student wished for a sequel.  They did not want this story to end.  Reading those books alongside those students was a highlight.

If I think back a bit further, I would probably choose The Hundred Dresses.  That was a story that I fell into.  I wanted to be friends with Wanda, to spend an afternoon with her, drawing pictures of dresses.

Now that we have a tiny person in our lives, I know there will be good books coming into our lives.  What joy!  What treasures!

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8 thoughts on “Classic books

  1. I, too, loved Bridge to Terebithia and The 100 Dresses (I read them along with my own daughter when she was in school). Somehow, though, I missed out on Afternoon of the Elves! I think I’ll have to rectify that omission. . .

  2. I would have loved to participate in a book group like that when I was in elementary school, and I think it would be fun now as an adult. One of the librarians I worked with used to say that juvenile and YA books were better written because they had to convey ideas more clearly and simply, and I think that is often the case. Afternoon of the Elves is going on my list – thank you!

  3. I helped out with the high school’s book club for a few years. Then my lunch period changed and it didn’t match up with the club. It’s a great experience for kids!

  4. Sara read Bridge and loved it, but I never did. And those other two titles are new to me – thank you for the recommendations!

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