Unraveling – spring break

This week is our spring break.  Last year we were in New Orleans.  This year my plan was to stay home and take a much needed rest from caregiving and work commitments.   I am taking a little break but also chipping away at a few things that have been too long neglected.  It is a week of unraveling here, a great time to link up with Kat.

I am unraveling some questions connected to church and faith.  I finished Anne Lamont’s new book and began After You Believe: Why Christian character matters by N.T. Wright.  I found the audio version at my library and have only just begun but I think there is a message in here that I need to hear.

I am unraveling some health issues by getting my annual exam last week and then some additional tests later this week that might bring new insights.  I met my running buddy at the trail for a run and signed up for a one month trial at a yoga studio.  Last night I went to a yoga and meditation class that was lovely.  I am planning to take two more classes this week and then at least two each week for the next month.

I am unraveling some clutter.  I took one load of stuff to the donation drop off on Sunday.  Now I need to load the five boxes of books into my car and get the to the library donation before the week is over.

I am not unraveling any knitting this week.  I am making progress on my Coddiwomple and have begun the second sleeve on my Annabel cardigan.  

Thanks Kat for a great weekly post idea!

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8 thoughts on “Unraveling – spring break

  1. All of your unraveling sounds quite healthy and productive! I am glad that knitting unraveling is not included this week; Coddiwomple looks like a wonderful pattern and that yarn is stunning.

  2. Love your yarn – looking forward to the finished Coddiwomple. Everything you are doing sounds very productive and good for you.

  3. I did a tad bit of “unraveling” y’day and then opted to go out for a l-o-o-n-g walk – best decision! I’ve started Anne Lamott’s new book – always gives me something to think about. T’is good to have a spring break and to attend to those things that are often postponed. Rest up and enjoy the rest of your break.

  4. I’m still unraveling my thoughts after reading (listening) to Being Mortal. Reading the author’s impressions of hospice and the role it plays in our healthcare system validated my opinions. Rarely does a book cling to my consciousness like Being Mortal.

    Decluttering is on-going. I have literally a carload of items to donate. That also makes me contemplate on how and why I have so much stuff – my mind is a jumble.

  5. I read and loved the three N.T. Wright Lenten devotions (Matthew, Mark and Luke, following the lectionaries for those years) – I wish I’d been able to read them with my dad – I think he would’ve loved Wright’s straightforward style and faith (I feel the same about Adam Hamilton, whose Creed I’m reading this Lent). Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this book. I haven’t started Anne Lamott’s – our first small group isn’t until month-end (and I’m saving it!) Wishing you peace and joy for the 2nd half of your week!

  6. Your post reminds me that unraveling is powerful — and helps us … re-formulate … thoughts and ideas and directions. XO

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