Think Write Thursday – a treehouse

“The perch in the maple tree was Betsy’s private office. Here she thought out stories and poems and wrote them down. Here she kept what she had written in the cigar box”.  (from Betsy and Tacey Go Downtown)

I never had a tree house.  I grew up in Arizona and we didn’t even have the kind of trees that you could climb.  But I have never forgotten this scene from one of the Betsy and Tacy books and I always wanted a spot in a tree where I could get away from my brothers with my cigar box filled with writing supples.  I would want my tree house to be deep enough in the woods to keep out the hustle bustle of the world.  A comfy couch with pillows and quilts, windows to let in the light and the sound of the birds singing, a pile of books, a basket of knitting or stitching projects, and space to roll out my yoga mat.  No TV or internet but a coffee maker would be lovely.

I don’t imagine a tree house is in my future but I do think I will head to my sewing room later today so I can curl up on my comfy chair with that cup of coffee and a good book.

Thanks to Carole and Kat for a fun prompt.

***the photo above was taken on a trip to John Muir Woods in Northern California.

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6 thoughts on “Think Write Thursday – a treehouse

  1. Everyone needs a place to go and turn off the world for a bit and recharge. At least, I do. My dream getaway would be on a beachfront lanai on a warm day with a tiny breeze. I’d have a cool drink, my knitting, and a book. Ahh, it would be heavenly.

  2. I think my childhood treehouse-dreams all stem from Betsy and Tacey! I just loved those books. 🙂 I also have a very similar photo from my trip to John Muir Woods. Such a beautiful, awe-some place.

  3. What a lovely picture you’ve painted, Juliann! (and here’s another gap in my reading … I’ve never heard of – let alone read – Betsy-Tacy! … summer reading goals for sure!)

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