Unraveling – a slow week

First week after spring break is always hard.  Just when I get into the pattern of lazy mornings and creative days, I have to turn it around and get back on the work week schedule.  I did finish the first clue on my Coddiwomple.  Of course the third clue is out – did I mention that I am rubbish at keeping up with knit alongs?  I do love this yarn and there are only 75 stitches on the n does so the rows add up quickly enough.

I am listening to The Nix and finding this to be a very entertaining book.  I am also re-reading the third part of Scouting the Divine to be ready for study group next week.  

Our weather has been up and down, huge rain squalls and then blinding sunshine.  I have been walking on a hilly trail or doing yoga but I am anxious to get back to running.  My daughter and I are signed up for a 10k in June so we need to get back into that routine. 

Thanks to Kat for hosting Unraveled Wednesdays.  Off for that second Cuppa and some breakfast.

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8 thoughts on “Unraveling – a slow week

  1. I really do love your Coddiwomple; that yarn and your color choices look very lovely and calm. I loved The Nix and hope it doesn’t take Nathan Hill another ten years to write his second book!

  2. Your knitting is lovely, looking forward to seeing the finished product —– but if it falls by the wayside, that’s ok too. It’s the process isn’t it :-))

  3. The Nix was one of my favorite books of last year … and now I’m going to check out Margaret Feinberg – thank you for the recommendation!

  4. I had to google Coddiwomple, but I’m not sure that the meaning I found fits your context! Your weather sounds like ours – we had hail and a light snow shower today. Hoping you find yourself easing back into that running again soon.

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