Unraveled Wednesday – book sampling

I am happy to report that my knitting this week is not a candidate for unraveling.  I am really enjoying this colorwork hat by Gudrun Johnston.  The chart is simple enough that I can work on it while I watch TV.   And how cute is that card?  It was brought to me by a friend who just returned from London – she gets me!

My reading is in a sampling phase.  I have had many distractions that make it hard to stick with a book and then there is the falling asleep factor.  So this weekend I downloaded a bunch of Kindle samples to get a better flavor of some of the books I have on my TBR list.  I have found a few that I am hoping will work for Mary’s summer bingo.  I also found that my library system has a book recommendation option.   You type in a few books that you really liked and a few reasons why and they send you a list of books they think you will like.  This is not automated, there is a real librarian reading and recommending.  How cool is that!  

Thanks again to Kat for a great post idea.

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8 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday – book sampling

  1. yay for not undoing any knitting! My reading hasn’t been a lot but I just finished a big book so now I’m reading a thin one 🙂 I like to switch it up! I fall asleep reading all.the.time.

  2. Your hat is beautiful and the card is great! I use Kindle samples a lot when looking for books, but your library’s recommendation idea sounds absolutely wonderful. Being able to type in the reasons you enjoyed a book combined with a real librarian is terrific!

  3. I love the real-librarian book recommendation system you have! So cool! Your hat is looking good — I love the colors. XO

  4. Libraries and librarians are about the best thing ever! Really, I get my best book recommendations from a certain awesome librarian! And, I love your hat!

  5. Your hat is looking great! So glad you haven’t had to unravel it. As for books, I’ve loved every book my librarian has recommended. I have to admit though – my librarian laughs at how I tend to make book choices. When I’m wanting ‘escape’ reading, I tend to go for quick/easy to read romances & just grab any pink, baby blue or bright yellow paperback off the shelf. For reasons unknown, books with those colored covers are always well edited & fun, can’t put it down reads.

  6. Love the hat – I need something that encourages me to knit more fluently; and I LUV the card! The “real librarian” recommendations is INDEED too cool! What is the library system?

  7. Forward progress on the knitting front is always a good thing! and how cool is your library’s recommendation “system”. hope you’ll report back on their suggestions (and maybe you can use one if you get the square “recommended by a librarian” 🙂

  8. Love the hat card, what a fantastic library you have, our library has got down staff and returning and borrowing books is all self service now, so no chance to chat to the librarians and get book recommendations!

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