5 for Friday

Patiently waiting for my new notebook that will become my everyday carry and wallet

Planning to cast on this lovely shawl tonight

Putting this salad on my meal plan 

Placing an order for this book to use with a some justice-seeking students

Picking up some avocados and chips for a much needed Friday night feast

Happy Friday!

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

6 thoughts on “5 for Friday

  1. I just picked up some avocados and chips . . . and some tequila and triple sec. (Happy Friday.) Those notebooks look fabulous. I hope you’ll share more about yours once it arrives. XO

  2. We had quesadilla’s and 7-layer dip (and a margarita or two) and I have now used a Traveler’s passport size notebook for my wallet for a year now. I will never go back! I really love it!

  3. We did the guacamole and margarita thing last night, too – perfect Friday night! and yes, I’d love to know more about your Sojourner – which size, which notebooks …. I’m quite intrigued!

  4. oh my a new notebook to write in 🙂 I love the idea of that!! I love the shawl you are casting on, I need to finish the one on my needles before I contemplate adding one on the needles. Can’t wait to see your yarn choice.

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