Weekending – a long one

It has been a long time since I had more that one day with nothing scheduled.  I have had to remind myself numerous times to relax.  I have had a lovely run, a hike on the trail that was a bit warmer than I was expecting, a bit of sewing, a frustrating evening with a knitting project that had to be put aside (I really need a simpler project), and plenty of time to sit on the deck with my book.  And there was some good progress made on the travel planning – just 5 weeks now.

On Sunday I decided to tackle my little whimsy garden bed.  I created this space a few years ago with some fun garden art using tea cups and pots that have little cracks and breaks.  I have not been successful with plantings.  I found some large pots that I will fill dirt and add some flowers.  I am hoping that having them up, off the ground, will keep the rabbits from snacking on the leaves.  We will see.  I do know that I want to get back in the garden more often – a great way to melt away stress.

It has been a lovely, long weekend.

Published by Juliann

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6 thoughts on “Weekending – a long one

  1. I like you am not much of a gardener. I love your whimsy pieces and I too plan to do more in containers…I think I can handle those.

  2. Love the idea of teacups to create whimsy, as I love tea and flowers! As soon as July comes, and I’m not heading to the office every day, I’ll be heading to the garden. The weeds will help focus my day and get it off to a productive start. (At least that’s my hope.)

  3. I love the whimsy garden idea! We have had some issues with the dear little bunnies too – they are finding a smorgasbord of tender leaves. My plants are crying and looking woefully bedraggled. I am hoping that the addition of some cayenne pepper powder will move them along!

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