Hello Friday

The weekend is just around the corner and I have a short list.  I am trying to keep it simple, not an easy task given all the things we could be doing.  

I have downloaded a dozen kindle book samples – hoping to narrow down some choices for my Book Bingo card.  Not sure if Lincoln in the Bardo might qualify for Magical Realism or maybe Fantasy?  I also need to choose a few projects to take on my quilting retreat which is just a few weeks away.  I think this year I will take some projects that need to be finished rather than starting something new.  

The highlights of the weekend will be a 10k tomorrow morning – happy to be running with my daughter again – and a visit with another tiny person.  This little lady was born just a few weeks after our tiny person and her mom is a long time friend of our daughters.  Love this next generation thing!

Happy Friday!  EnJOY!

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

5 thoughts on “Hello Friday

  1. I certainly think Lincoln in the Bardo works for either of those Bingo categories. Exit West would also be great for Magical Realism… Good luck with your race – what a fun way to connect with your daughter.

  2. When it comes to Book Bingo categories, I tend to play it fast-and-loose . . . so I think it fits either category. (Or anywhere you may want to stick it, for that matter!) 🙂

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