Weekending – outdoor time

I just returned from my annual retreat weekend.  For years this was a quilt retreat weekend and I have created many quilts over the years.  This year I made some fun project bags, a pair of pants for our tiny person, and did some knitting.  Today, instead of staying inside and sewing, I pulled on my hiking boots and went for a hike before heading home.  It has been a hot weekend and the trail was dry and dusty.  I did a short hike, just a little over three miles, before it got too hot.  The trail was very quiet.  Everyone must have headed to the lakes and rivers.  But I saw some lovely wild flowers, butterflies, two eagles, and a hawk.  On the way home I stopped for a very large iced tea.  Now I will unpack and perhaps take a nap before thinking about heading to work tomorrow.  Hope your weekend included some outdoor time.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

5 thoughts on “Weekending – outdoor time

  1. Love this photo, Juliann! I think going for a hike in the outdoors beats out a final sewing day. We’ve been waiting for this weather for months, it seems!

  2. The hike sounds wonderful, but that bench with your journal and a cold beverage looks even better! Wishing you an easy re-entry to the real world today!

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