Unraveled Wednesday

Sometimes you just have to start again. I actually knit this hat during the first week of my trip. But when I brought it home and gave it a nice bath, I realized that the edge was too floppy. I love the pattern and the yarn so I decided to unravel and begin again.

My bingo card is about 50% full although I still do not have a bingo. I am just a square away on two rows. I took my Kindle on the trip and read a few books that have been waiting patiently. I am always surprised when I hit that sweet spot each summer where my brain isn't overfilled with work thoughts and my reading pace picks up.

Last weekend I finished my Aestlight shawl (another travel project). And I have made good progress on my half Hansel that I stared about two years ago.

I spent most of an afternoon creating a photo book from my trip. It was fun to group the pictures with space for journaling on the pages. I also left a few blank pages where I can add some of the bits and bobs that I acquired along the way. It will make the book a bit bulkier but that can be fun too.

Fun to be back to blogging. Thanks to Kat for hosting.

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6 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. I usually grumble while I do it, but unraveling is quite pretty in its own way, especially to knit something better the second time around. Making your photo book soon after your return is a great idea. You’ll be able to enjoy and remember the trip so much better in the years to come.

  2. The unraveling will be worth it, in the end! 🙂 I love playing with my photos after a big trip; I’ll bet you’re having a great time re-living your adventures. I am one square away from a BIngo in FOUR different directions! It seems a mathematically impossible thing, but it’s true. One day, I’ll read finish one book and the entire thing will just collapse into bingo-after-bingo-after-bingo! XO

  3. Welcome back! Your trip sounds wonderful and so relaxing! Love the unraveled photo…I’ll look forward to seeing the reknit hat!
    Eager also to see your photo book…

  4. Ooh, how do you like that Jamieson yarn? Is it rustic to the touch? I’m sorry you had to unravel your beanie. I had one that I had whipped up for a STITCHES West but after I had blocked it, the ribbing expanded. After having these issues with socks last year, I am now making mini swatches which have helped immensely. And then I had to change how I knitted them b/c I’m Portuguese knitting now instead of Continental.
    Glad you liked the Inkheart series. I liked the first book as it certainly was a tail like The Odyssey, but I don’t think I’ll continue on with it.

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