I don’t have a history of success when it comes to routine. I am easily pulled away by shiny new things. But this month, I am really trying. I am using a new insert that is not dated so if I miss a week, I won’t have a blank page staring at me. And there are a few challenges that might give my daily routine a bit of a boost. This week is the Back to the Mat challenge. I cleaned up my mat space yesterday and I am ready for some short Pilates practices. Next week Michelle is offering her Just 5 Things class. I love anything that involves making a list.

Do you have a routine that includes notebooks and planners?

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6 thoughts on “Routine

  1. Yes, I do – and I am always working on improving it! And, I am doing the Back to the Mat challenge as well (even though I have been daily doing the mat with Robyn since the beginning of July!

  2. I would love to have more routine. I think I’d feel more composed and less scattered. Thank-you for your links – I’ve just signed up to the Pilates one. I have a love-hate relationships with lists; I think I need an evening routine to ensure I look at them again for planning the next day. Looking forward to seeing how your insert works for you …

  3. I am an avid list maker, but not a journaler (I have been pretty regular about a health/activity journal though) I use my monthly calendar daily!

  4. I thrive on routine – and have a pretty solid journaling/morning devotion practice that grounds my day in the best possible way. Was delighted to see you’ve joined Robyn’s latest challenge. I joined The Balanced Life when she ran a challenge in March; I LOVE it!

  5. I am craving routine and yet I am not sticking to my intentions. I baby sit twice a week and that crowds into my intentions. Also the slightest bump in the road and poof I’m off schedule. Today I’m going to write out the day – besides writing what I want to get done.

  6. Count me in as another “routine person!” Whenever I get out of my “routine” (for one reason or another it just happens), my world really TILTS. I started using a bullet journal system that I’ve totally customized to my needs — and this really works for me (most of the time!). I have been doing a Pilates class for about 10 years now. It’s a big part of my fitness routine, and I can’t stand missing it!

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