Sometimes Monday

look like a bunch of random thoughts.

This weekend was beautiful. Crisp blue skies with enough chill in the air to pull out a shawl or a sweater. I stopped between coming and going on Saturday to take a walk on the trail and was thrilled to see some lovely piles of leaves.

I am beginning to think about one little word for 2018. And December Daily? I think I tried this last year and didn’t get very far. And I am always thinking about notebooks and planners and trying so hard to imagine using up my supplies (maybe because I was helping my daughter pack for a move recently).

Last night I was traveling down some rabbits holes and I found a post with a great question – how did you name your blog. I have had a number of blogs over the years. But after I watched mom lose her stories to Alzheimer’s, I decided to create a place to write down my own stories.

Now I am so curious about some of the lovely blogs I read. What is the story behind the name?

Happy Monday

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7 thoughts on “Sometimes Monday

  1. Thank you for joining my blog and your name is so sweet. MY mom had Alzheimer s too and I can understand your blog name! My mom passed this Spring. It was such a blessing to let her go from her failing body and mind. Again, thanks for your comment on my lil blog

  2. Lovely post . . . I always like the random ones best. My blog name . . . Stepping Away from the Edge . . . was how I felt after ending chemo. Like I was stepping away from the edge of everything, and ready to start fresh and new. It still seems to work . . . 9 years later. XO

  3. Random Mondays are beautiful! My blog name (mere-et-fllles) is a play off my name Mary, which my family often shortens to Mare, and sounds a bit like mother in French mère. When I started the blog, my girls (“filles” is daughters in French) were also authors … mere-et-filles.

  4. I too shared my blog’s title inspiration on Kathy’s blog: Compassion Knit. I named mine – Morning Glory Studio – in honor of my mother who then, had recently died. When I was a child, she always greeted me with the phrase: “What’s your story, Morning Glory?”…also the title of a popular song sung by Ella Fitzgerald…way back when.

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